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Local Beauty Bar

Welcome to the Beauty Bar! Our luxury, private suite welcomes relaxation and a moment to recharge wether you are receiving lash extensions or advanced, clinically effective facial treatments.

At Local Beauty Bar our one-of-a-kind approach to skin treatments and customized home care regimes will ensure confidence in each step of your skincare journey.

Our goal for you is to create a treatment plan that yields beautiful results that can be maintained at home with confidence. Each visit will have you feeling lighter, brighter, and refreshed!

The Story of Local Beauty Bar

We are Tara and Liza, long-time friends who share a deep passion for the art of lashing. After years of building our expertise and nurturing our love for all things beauty, we have embarked on an exciting journey to establish our own business named Local Beauty Bar in Lynnwood.

With a combined experience of several years in the beauty industry, we take great pride in helping people look and feel their absolute best. Our dedication to our craft goes beyond simply enhancing the natural beauty of our client’s eyes – it’s about creating a personalized experience that brings out the unique allure of each individual.

When you leave our studio, you’ll be happier with how you look and happier waking up looking great every morning. Your eyes are gorgeous, and your morning routine seems shorter than before.

When you notice the beauty of your eyes before putting on makeup, you wonder how you managed to do without extensions for so long.

You’ll love the experience of our salon and the expertise of our skilled stylists to adjust the length, thickness, and shape to suit your eye structure, lifestyle, and personal style.



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